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Published 2019

"loving and caring"

I would like to thank you for the loving and caring way you processed my wife's funeral. The attention to, not only my wife's needs, but also to my own needs and that of my family. This made the sad occasion more bearable from start to finish.


Published 2019

"professional and friendly"

I would like to record how professional and friendly we found your visit and the subsequent correspondence and in a straight contest with Avalon you won hands down. We would happily recommend your company to anyone else seeking a Funeral Plan.


We’re fully authorised and rigorously regulated, so your faith in us can extend beyond your policy cover:


Trust Audited By AGK Partnership Limited


Trust Fully Complies With The Regulated Activities Order (Financial Services and Markets Act 2000)

Price Comparison

Here is a true and up to date price comparison table as of 2019. We sell Rest Assured Funeral Plans and you can see how their plans are placed price wise against the competition. Our plans are the cheapest on the market. We have secured a special discount on Rest Assured Funeral plans, so you can buy them on our website for a discount AND receive a reward.

ProviderRestricted PlansStandard PlansMid-range PlansTop Level Plans
Rest Assured (Our Plans)£1,895£2,500£3,400£3,700
Golden Charter£2,895£3,495£3,850£4,099
Open Prepaid FuneralsN/A£2090 or £3,190£3,745£4,295
Perfect ChoiceN/A£3,605£3,915£4,290
Post OfficeN/A£3,495£3,875£4,135
Safe Hands Plans£2,390£3,495£3,795£4,095

Frequently Asked Questions

The plans all plans are provided by Rest Assured. Rest Assured and Perfect Funeral Plans came to market with a desire to create more competition, offer greater simplicity and genuinely helpful advice. All supported by transparent pricing and better value. But most of all, we wanted to raise the bar in terms of customer service, empathy and understanding the needs of our clients. Choosing us gives you and your loved ones peace of mind. We’ll be there for them with all the help and support they need at a difficult time. So, you can rest assured that your wishes and your plans will be fulfilled.
Rest Assured has a 24-hour bereavement line which is used when a plan holder passes away. Your next of kin will contact this number (found in your funeral plan pack) to notify us. We then contact the funeral director and they have direct contact with your family throughout this difficult and emotional period.
The disbursements, or third-party charges, are an expense which a funeral director has to pay and are out of their control such as cremation/interment fees, doctor’s fees or minister/celebrant fees. Our allowance of £1,100 towards this would cover the majority of possible costs. If at the time of the funeral the disbursements are over the £1,100 allowance, the funeral director will ask for the shortfall from the family or from the estate.
If you have chosen to take out a funeral plan on a monthly payment scheme, Rest Assured simply need the remaining balance settling at the time of death. This will come from your family or your estate.
There are 10 miles included with each plan, but a charge of £1 per mile thereafter.
The average cost of a funeral in 2017 was £4,078, an increase of over 70% in the last decade. If this trend were to continue, a basic funeral could cost almost £7,000 in 10 years’ time, and over £12,000 in the next two decades. By taking out a pre-paid funeral plan, you can ensure that these costs are covered in advance. In other words, the sooner you take out a funeral plan, the more you’re likely to save.
They say you can’t predict the future. But, with a funeral plan, you can. Having to organise and pay for a funeral on your death can be both financially and emotionally demanding for your relatives. A funeral plan is a simple, stress-free way to arrange and pay for your funeral in advance, thereby protecting your loved ones from the burden of finding the sums required and relieving them of the stress of any uncertainty about your final wishes.

Rest Assured do everything in their power to safeguard our customers' investments.

They achieve this by ensuring that those investments are held in a fund which complies with all the relevant legislation as set out in the ‘Regulated Activities Order’ (Financial Services and Markets Act 2000). This legislation stipulates that 'sums paid by the customer under the contract will be held on trust for the purpose of providing the funeral and that the following requirements will be met with respect to the trust':

  • The trust must be established by written instrument. The 'written instrument' is the Trust Deed itself.
  • None of the trustees is connected with the provider. None of the Rest Assured directors or staff are in any way connected with the board of trustees. The Trust is operated entirely by fully independent trustees.
  • The trustees must appoint an independent fund manager who is an authorised person who has permission to carry out an activity of the kind specified in article 37 of the RAO, and who is a person who is unconnected with the provider, to manage the assets of the trust: The Trustees have instructed InterestMe Wealth, a trading name of EGR Broking Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the FCA. They are a fast-growing corporate broking and wealth management company incorporated in 2010, and a multi-national investment management firm based in the city of London.
  • Annual accounts must be prepared and audited by a person who is eligible for appointment as a company auditor under Section 25 of the Companies Act 1989 with respect to the assets and liabilities of the trust: AGK Partnership Limited, based in London, is appointed as auditor of the Trust.
  • The assets and liabilities of the trust must, at least once every three years, be determined, calculated, and verified by an actuary who is a Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries or the Faculty of Actuaries: Rowanmoor is appointed as actuary to the Trust.

Rest Assured make choosing a funeral director as simple as it can be.

If you have a preferred funeral director that you’d like to use, just let us know. If they are already on our panel, all well and good; if not, we’ll invite them to join our scheme. If there isn’t a specific firm you’re keen to use, or your selected firm isn’t available at the time of need for any reason - because they’re no longer trading for example - we’ll appoint a local firm for you that’s able to meet your specified needs from our extensive and growing panel of providers. For your peace of mind, the funeral directors we work with are, needless to say, highly reputable businesses. They are all subjected to stringent due diligence checks before they’re permitted to join our panel and their performance is continuously monitored thereafter to ensure that the very high standards we require of them are being consistently maintained.

Why By With Us

We came to market with a desire to solve one of the biggest issues, not being able to buy online! We aim to offer greater simplicity when you buy a funeral plan, and genuinely helpful advice. All supported by transparent pricing and better value, and fantastic rewards.