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Price Comparison

Here is a true and up to date price comparison table as of 2019. We sell Rest Assured Funeral Plans and you can see how their plans are placed price wise against the competition. Our plans are the cheapest on the market. We have secured a special discount on Rest Assured Funeral plans, so you can buy them on our website for a discount AND receive a reward.

ProviderRestricted PlansStandard PlansMid-range PlansTop Level Plans
Rest Assured (Our Plans)£1,895£2,500£3,400£3,700
Golden Charter£2,895£3,495£3,850£4,099
Open Prepaid FuneralsN/A£2090 or £3,190£3,745£4,295
Perfect ChoiceN/A£3,605£3,915£4,290
Post OfficeN/A£3,495£3,875£4,135
Safe Hands Plans£2,390£3,495£3,795£4,095


We are unlike any other funeral plan website out there. Everything is transparent and you know what you get.


Lowest price on the market

The Funeral Plans that we offer are amongst the lowest price on the market. Our funeral plan providers are able to offer you the most competitive prices. As we only sell plans online we do not have the same level of overheads as the most recognised brands. You get the same, but pay less.


No hidden costs

It is extremely important to us that you know exactly what you are paying for. We give you a break down in a clear and easy way to understand. No nasty surprises here!


No sales calls

The Funeral Plan industry has had a bad press in recent years for pushy sales calls. This is why we only sell online. You can browse at your leisure, take your time to choose the plan and lock in the cost of your funeral today without any sales calls. Of course, if you need to speak to us we are here to help.


Amazing rewards

Perfect Funeral Plans is the only website that sells funeral plans online and offers you great rewards with each plan. Choose between a variety of vouchers (e.g. £100 Amazon Voucher!) and we will send your chosen reward with each plan you buy.


Your Money Is Safe

When you buy a funeral plan, the money is put into a trust and held securely until the time of death. This is how you beat rising funeral costs, by locking in the price at todays date. Many providers Trust’s invest your money in risky commercial property investments. If these investments fail then the money is no longer safe. Our providers use a third party multi-national investment management firm based in the city of London, fully regulated by the FCA to hold the trust money in a fund. This fund makes safe, low risk, recession proof investments and safeguards you from rising funeral costs.


£0 cancellation fee

If you change your mind about a plan you have bought then there is nothing to pay providing you cancel within a 14 day period. Lock in the price today and if you change your mind, not a problem any money you have paid within the 14 day period will be refunded to you in full.


We’re fully authorised and rigorously regulated, so your faith in us can extend beyond your policy cover:


Trust Audited By AGK Partnership Limited


Trust Fully Complies With The Regulated Activities Order (Financial Services and Markets Act 2000)

Worried you’ll change your mind?

You can cancel your policy within 14 days of the policy starting or within 14 days of you receiving the documents, whichever is later. No questions asked.

Why By With Us

We came to market with a desire to solve one of the biggest issues, not being able to buy online! We aim to offer greater simplicity when you buy a funeral plan, and genuinely helpful advice. All supported by transparent pricing and better value, and fantastic rewards.